Three AYR Coaches Named USA All-Americans

Congratulations AYR Coaches Duncan Van Schalkwyk, Jamie Berrisford and Harley Wheeler! All players at Life University, Duncan, Jamie and Harley were named first-team USA All-Americans following rigorous tryouts in Glendale, CO that included 80 candidates. Life University’s squad added five more players to the first team, leaving eight Running Eagles on the 15-man starting lineup.

Coaches Duncan, Jamie and Harley received their appointments following a decisive 55-10 victory in August by the All-Americans over the Glendale Raptors, one of the highest-ranked men’s teams in the country. Coach Harley received Man-of-the-Match honors after scoring four tries. We look forward to the high-quality coaching these outstanding young men will be able to offer our AYR kids this season!