Outside of their rugby "kit" - jersey, shorts, and socks - there are just a few more things your rugger needs to be able to safely step on the field! 



  • There are cleats specifically made for rugby, but soccer cleats will be fine. Football cleats are illegal in rugby because of the toe cleat.  You will hear cleats called “boots” as well


  • There are a lot of choices out there.  You do not want the kind that has a tether, like they use in football since there is no helmet to attach to.  Make sure you ‘boil and bite’ the mouth guard before you come to practice so you get a proper fit.  All mouth guards will have instructions on how to fit them.

  • Custom AYR-color mouth guards are available from AYR sponsor Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists for $40.

Compression shorts 

  • They should be short enough so they do not extend beyond the length of the shorts. Check out a few good options, here.

For Forwards  

  • Headgear:  This is optional, but many forwards, those who are in the scrum, wear scrum caps. These are not football helmets! Scrum caps help with the rubbing of heads that happens while the scrum is engaged. See number of cap styles, here.